First St. Gallen Luxury Alliance

One year after the Founders‘ Circle of the Competence Center for Luxury Management, we are happy to report that the Competence Center has just carried out its first St. Gallen Luxury Alliance Meeting jointly with our partners, guests, initiators, and the team.

This Monday we welcomed the Board of the Competence Center for Luxury Management as well as our guests to the first St. Gallen Luxury Alliance at the HSG Executive Campus.

With our partners, members of the academic faculty of the University of St Gallen as well as with our new guests, we jointly defined the research focus and scope of primary activities of the Competence Center for this year. Furthermore, we initially presented our portfolio of activities.


The first part of the day was dedicated to the Board of the Competence Center. In the afternoon, guests were also welcome to join us to discuss and brainstorm about the future focus of the Competence Center.

As a result, we defined that we will focus on the management of unique customer experiences across channels and markets in the following twelve months. This topic will be reflected in our management seminars, focus studies, events of the Competence Center and many other activities in this year.

We are delighted about the constructive exchange and are looking forward to a valuable, collaborative future and the next exciting steps of the Competence Center.

Thank you to our guests and partners for joining us on this special occasion!


PS: Prof. Dr. Christian Belz, Director of the Institute of Marketing; Mr. Stephan Altrichter, CEO of Porsche Switzerland; Mr. Fritz Straub, CEO of Deutsche Werkstätten; and Mr. Clemens Pflanz, President of Meisterkreis joined us but were not depicted in the group photo.