Summer Open-Air Cinema: Excellent Teaching and Excellent Learning on Film

Studierende-01-2000x1125Great teaching and great learning depend on commitment, skill, and diligence. But that’s not what gets you going and what keeps you motivated – that’s inspiration, curiosity, and the stimulation that comes along with finally having grasped the essence of a new thing you learned. Positive intrinsic feedback. Simple as that.

Bibliothek-09-2000x1125Education has – fortunately – evolved into such a large scale undertaking that it, today, requires structures that help us function and get the job done. However, some of those structures introduced new metrics that commensurate advancement in
learning. They have the potential to crowd-out intrinsic motivation in students by eliciting the more efficient focus on points, grades, ECTS, rules, regulations, requirements and competitive assessments.

Studierende-im-Gruenen-2000x1125This small and simple initiative does two things: first, it provides food for thought to counter the trends illustrated above. It does so by sharing ideas, approaches, and general inspiration on the core of learning, be that instilling curiosity, begin a great mentor, fostering courage in (young) people or any other of those fuels that propel great teaching and great learning. Second, it illustrates how easy it can be to put things into gear. This little project took about 25 mails and maybe as much hours to set up and it has seen nothing but encouragement and open doors. Granted, it’s nothing big – but I find, time and again, HSG is the place where ideas can come to life.

Everything you need to know: Admission is free. Feel free to bring a snack. If the weather is fine, we’ll make it open air, if not, we have a great indoors alternative. We meet at the cafeteria / ground floor of the ZIG building (24). Doors: 8 PM, short film: 8:30 PM, movie: 9 PM. All lecturers, researchers, and students of any level are invited. Have a great film to recommend? Go ahead!

For more information, please visit the project’s website at

Come by, gather some inspiration and maybe some pop corn – it is going to be fun.


Benjamin Berghaus
Initiator and Research Associate at Institute of Marketing of University of St. Gallen (HSG)

This initiative is kindly supported by

Prof. Dr. Lukas Gschwend
Vice-President, Studies & Academic Affairs of University of St. Gallen  (HSG)

Jacqueline Gasser-Beck
Director of the Initiative on Innovative Teaching at University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Prof. Dr. Taiga Brahm
Scientific project leader at the Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning

Prof. Dr. Pietro Beritelli
Administrative Director of the Program Marketing, Services and Communication (MSC)

Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke
Executive Director of the Institute of Marketing