In 2016, the Competence Center will focus on the management of unique luxury customer experiences across channels and markets. In this focus, we may consider authenticity, millennial consumer behavior, brand ecosystems, ownership structures, and customer co-creation as context variables.

Please consider that every word in these two sentences has a distinct meaning and a more or less sizable body of previous research attached to it (…merely trying to highlight the depth of each individual element). Very fundamentally visualized, these two sentences equate to the following:

Research Focus

What does this mean for your plan to potentially write your thesis with us? There are two approaches for you to consider:

a) Consider the research focus and develop your own thesis research proposal by either focusing on one of the core topics, a combination of core topics, or a combination of a core topic and a topic facet. Visit the Thesis Application Portal, select „I already have a specific idea for the subject I’d like to apply for.“ and tell us about your idea in the following few pages.

a) Check out our topic proposals at the Thesis Application Portal by selecting „I would like to apply for a subject provided by the Institute of Marketing.“. Chose one of the topics provided and share your professional, scientific thoughts on the topic provided in the following few pages.

In both cases, the outcome is your first draft of a disposition paper completed and submitted via the Thesis Application Portal.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and to hopefully collaborating with you on your thesis!